Roundtable on 'The Problem of Action'

An exchange on envisioning and creating a global movement, prompted by the essay How Do We Get There? The Problem of Action

A headshot of Kavita Byrd
Kavita Byrd
Our problems have common roots, and thus require common solutions. A nimble and creative global movement, fit for the task, will require both spontaneity and planning.

A headshot of John Foran
John Foran
We need a new kind of political party, infused with the spirit of social movements and accountable to their demands.

A headshot of Herman Greene
Herman Greene
A new thought collective on eco-democratic socialism could provide the needed conceptual understanding for a global movement.

A headshot of Candido Grzybowski
Candido Grzybowski
The success of collective action will depend on the cultural and political contestation of neoliberal hegemony.

A headshot of Michael Karlberg
Michael Karlberg
A global citizens movement would need to emerge in an organic manner. GTI can play a key role in fostering dialogue around such a complex process.

A headshot of Debbie Kasper
Debbie Kasper
Humanity’s cooperative nature and astonishing capacity for altruism can be the basis for a new cultural narrative. Educational initiatives can help make that happen.

A headshot of Roz Savage
Roz Savage
Individual change is a critical dimension of enduring structural change. But what sparks change in the first place?

A headshot of Roberto Savio
Roberto Savio
Neoliberalism is in crisis, but to defeat it, we need to link up with existing social movements as well as ordinary citizens not yet engaged.


A headshot of Bruce Schuman
Bruce Schuman
Using modern communications technology and guided by a collaborative spirit, we can create a cooperative global network that includes all elements of human experience. Read

A headshot of Mimi Stokes
Mimi Stokes
We have a vast trove of cultural wisdom about human thriving from past generations that can inspire and unify us as we seek to build a more harmonious world.

A headshot of Sandra Waddock
Sandra Waddock
To guide system change, we need a new story about what it means to be human, a story that underscores our deep interdependence with each other and the planet.

A headshot of John Wood
John Wood
Social movement organizations need to embrace a reflective and deliberative approach that emphasizes power-with rather than power-over.


A headshot of Paul Raskin
Author's Response
Paul Raskin addresses points raised by the contributors to this roundtable. Read



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