Reflections on Journey to Earthland

Reflections on Journey to Earthland
November 2016

Insights from diverse global thinkers on how to understand and shape our world in transition

Luis Cabrera

On the foundations of world government and the practice of global citizenship
Joan Cocks

On the limits to utopian thinking, how to transcend such limits, and the obstacles lying ahead for a progressive global movement
Mary Evelyn Tucker

On identifying and cultivating the spiritual and cultural sources for a shared vision that can inspire global solidarity and action
Maurie Cohen

On the transition to post-consumerist systems of social organization
Richard Falk

On the role of social location in shaping visions of the future and the need to restore public confidence in democracy and human rights in a turbulent world
John Fullerton

On the need to align our economies and societies with universal regenerative patterns and principles
Gilberto Gallopín

On how complexity theory can help us better understand social transitions and the challenge of a Great Transition
Evelin Lindner

On the importance of the affective and institutional dimensions of global citizenship
Ann Mische

On the role that scenarios can play in social movements and the need to imagine deep institutional change
Alioune Sall

On globalization’s discontents and the need to make the case for a democratic, inclusive, and sustainable form of global development
Anantha Prasad

On the role that grand visions can play in guiding progressive change amidst a chaotic world
Gus Speth

On the urgent need for a global citizens movement and the encouraging efforts on the ground today
Sandra Waddock

On the need for a new economic narrative and associated memes to counter the dominance of neoliberalism

Journey to Earthland

The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization

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