Farewell to Trump, Hello to What?
Farewell to Trump, Hello to What?
People the world over who care about a just and ecological future are relieved to see Trump go. His administration hastened descent toward a Fortress World by stoking xenophobia and racism, exacerbating environmental crises, and weakening global collaboration. Now, a Joe Biden presidency promises a reversion to Policy Reform politics, a return to “normalcy” but not fundamental structural change. Yet, with overwhelming social and ecological challenges looming, corporate-driven globalization, even in a more enlightened form, remains a dangerous road. In fact, its deficiencies and inequities set the stage for Trump—and other forms of reactive populism—in the first place. The disappointments of Policy Reform can germinate movements for the Great Transition we need—or a rebound of Trumpism.

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Journey to Earthland

The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization

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