Another Internet is Possible

Last month, in the snowy Alps of Davos, Switzerland, the global political and financial elite gathered for the latest installment of the World Economic Forum. Although recent years have seen greater acknowledgement of the need to mitigate climate change and reduce growing economic inequality at the WEF, it remains largely wedded to neoliberal globalization and top-down decision-making. Since civil society’s World Social Forum emerged over a decade ago to challenge the WEF’s hegemony with the assertion that “another world is possible,” the Internet has significantly altered the landscape of activism. Correspondingly, a group of civil society organizations plan to host the first Internet Social Forum later this year to encourage grassroots activists to reflect on the “Internet we want” and counter the increasing centralization and corporatization of the net. The ISF aims to counter the WEF’s elite-driven NETmundial Initiative with a more democratic vision for Internet governance. As the organizers say, another Internet is possible, and it will take collective action to turn possibility into reality.

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