Part 1

The Case Is Strong

The Case for
a Basic Income

Opening Essay

Guy Standing

Toward a Caring

Sarath Davala

Karen Foster

Welfare Without


Tim Hollo

Michael W. Howard

Why Unconditionality

Azfar Khan

A Call for Dignity
and Solidarity

The Beauty of
the Process

Robert Labaree

A Cornerstone of
a Moral Economy

Jeremy Lent

A Pragmatic
Utopian Demand

Simon Mair

How to Green a UBI

Ulrich Schachtschneider

Income Floor,
Ecological Ceiling

Caroline Whyte

Real-World Lessons

Almaz Zelleke

Response to Comments

Guy Standing


Part 2

Caveats on Alternatives

Thinking Bigger

Lourdes Benería

Janine Berg

No Cure for Coercion

The Perils of

Halina Brown

Andreas Bummel

Globalizing the

Anna Coote

Strengthen the
Welfare State

A False Promise

Ian Gough

The Barriers
of Bigotry

Leah Hamilton

The Danger of
Good Intentions

Anke Hassel

Rethink Money First

Alf Hornborg

The Participatory Way

Antti Jauhiainen

Public Money for
a Public Purpose

Mary Mellor

A Case of
Wishful Thinking

Francine Mestrum

Toward Global Sharing

Adam Parsons

The Case for
Universal Service

Vicki Robin


Should society provide every citizen with a basic income, no strings attached? Some proponents of a "universal basic income" view it as a tool for system correction, but the focus of this GTI Forum is on system change. Two panels debate the question: Should a UBI be a central element of strategies for transformation?

The first panel makes the affirmative case, arguing that UBI resonates strongly with egalitarian ethics and basic concepts of justice. The second voices concerns that it encourages individualism and distracts from better alternatives, and urges the UBI debate to encompass issues of global justice and ecology at the level of Earthland

Core GT Texts


The emergence of an organic planetary civilization has become both possible and necessary. What would it look like? How do we get there?


The classic essay on our planetary moment, global scenarios, and pathways to a just, fulfilling, and sustainable future.