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The World Social Forum has been a vital gathering space for international activists. But is it losing momentum? A panel of WSF veterans appraise its past, critique its present, and debate its future.

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Farewell to the
World Social Forum?

Opening Essay

Farewell to the
World Social Forum?

Roberto Savio

Beyond the choir

Olivier Consolo

Transforming the WSF

Rita Freire

Farewell to what?
Redefining the process

Pierre George

An agenda beyond the WSF

Candido Grzybowski

A dignified death for the WSF

Pablo Solón & Mary Malig

The new phase of

Gustave Massiah

A wasted opportunity?

Meena Menon

No political voice,
no future

Francine Mestrum

Renewing a utopian

Thomas Ponniah

Recovering the global
in diverse strategies

Virginia Vargas

Response to comments

Roberto Savio

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The emergence of an organic planetary civilization has become both possible and necessary. What would it look like? How do we get there?


The classic essay on our planetary moment, global scenarios, and pathways to a just, fulfilling, and sustainable future.