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What's worked and what hasn't? Green capitalism or system transformation? Do we need a meta-movement?

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The Climate Movement:
What's Next?

Opening Essay

The climate movement: what's next?

Bill McKibben

Planetizing the

Tom Athanasiou

The larger struggle: mitigate capitalism

Hans Baer

The movement enters
a new phase

Jeremy Brecher

Charting How We
Get There

Guy Dauncey

A caring economy is
the key

Riane Eisler

The prospects for life-affirming carbon capture

Neva Goodwin

Renewables are not enough

Kerryn Higgs

Report from the
European front

Virág Kaufer

Activating personal and
political agency

Karen O'Brien

Bringing the force
of the law

Hermann Ott

Moving from
resistance to repair

Vicki Robin

Being the change,
changing the world

Karl-Ludwig Schibel

Imploding the
carbon economy

Gus Speth

The dramaturgy of

Mimi Stokes

A climate emergency plan

Anders Wijkman

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The emergence of an organic planetary civilization has become both possible and necessary. What would it look like? How do we get there?


The classic essay on our planetary moment, global scenarios, and pathways to a just, fulfilling, and sustainable future.