GTI FORUM (Round 1)

How will today’s crisis alter the shape of tomorrow’s world? Which scenario—Conventional Worlds, Barbarization, Great Transition—has become more likely? How can we seize the moment to propel transformation?

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The Question
Before Us


Paul Raskin

Harbingers of
the Possible

Kavita Byrd

The Power of Sorrow

Maurie Cohen

Coping with

Herman Greene

The Fortress World
is Our World

Shalmali Guttal

Collective Action:
The Ultimate Vaccine

Sahan Karatasli

The Coronavirus as Crucible

Jeremy Lent

Ashish Kothari

Searching for Resilience

Marcus Oxley

The Pandemic
and Inequality

Kate Pickett

A Chance to
Change Mindsets

Mamphela Ramphele

William Robinson

William Robinson

Grappling with

John Robinson

Colliding Scenarios,
Uncertain Futures

Rob Swart

A Chapter in an
Ongoing Crisis

Tim Weiskel

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