Valentine M. Moghadam

Valentine M. Moghadam

Valentine M. Moghadam is Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Northeastern University, and former Director of the International Affairs Program. Her early publications examined the Left and revolution in Iran and gender politics in revolutionary Iran and in Afghanistan. Her current areas of research include globalization; transnational social movements and networks; economic citizenship; and gender, development, and women’s movements in the Middle East and North Africa. She is the author of many journal articles and books, including Modernizing Women: Gender and Social Change in the Middle East (1993, 2003, 2013), the award-winning Globalizing Women: Transnational Feminist Networks (2005), and Globalization and Social Movements: Islamism, Feminism, and the Global Justice Movement (2009, 2013). She is a board member of Massachusetts Peace Action.

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April 2020

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Valentine M. Moghadam
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February 2019

We need global coordination across our parties and movements to have impact at the scale of the challenges.
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