Tom Athanasiou

Tom Athanasiou

Tom Athanasiou co-directs the Climate Equity Reference Project, an initiative that develops tools and analysis to advance economic equity as a practical means to reaching a global climate change compact. Focusing on distributional justice and international cooperation, he is active in climate negotiations and co-coordinates the International Climate Action Network’s Equity and Effort Sharing working group. He is the author of Divided Planet: the Ecology of Rich and Poor and Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming, and co-author of Greenhouse Development Rights: The Right to Development in a Climate Constrained World.

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Contribution to GTI Forum The Climate Movement: What's Next?

June 2019

Roundtable contribution on Global Capitalism - Tom Athanasiou
Contribution to GTI Roundtable Global Capitalism

June 2017

We need system change, in principle, but radical reformism, in practice, if we are to stave off crisis.

Tom Athanasiou underscores the importance of a deep commitment to distributional justice on the domestic and global levels for success at the critical climate negotiations in Paris next year.