Simon Mair

Simon Mair

Simon Mair is an ecological economist and research fellow at the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) at the University of Surrey. His work focuses on building narratives about what a desirable and sustainable society might look like and how to get there, including the development of ecological macroeconomic models for exploring the economic dynamics of such societies. He holds a BSc and an MA from the Lancaster University and a PhD from the University of Surrey. His doctoral research developed and applied quantitative modeling frameworks to explore the relationship between environmental and socioeconomic sustainability in global supply chains.

GTI Contributions
Roundtable contribution on Why Ecosocialism - Simon Mair
Contribution to Do Red and Green Mix?

December 2018

Many young people are searching for something better than capitalism, and we need to help them imagine real alternatives.

Commentary on The Struggle for Meaningful Work - Simon Mair
Commentary on The Struggle for Meaningful Work