Neera Singh

Neera Singh

Neera Singh is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto, Canada. Her research interests include democratization of forest governance, conservation and development, and the affective dimensions of people’s relations with forests. She uses interdisciplinary approaches to understand the dynamics of social-nature relations, local visions of conservation and development, and alternatives to market-based approaches to conservation. Prior to her current academic position, she worked for over a decade as a practitioner with issues of forest conservation and sustainable livelihoods in Odisha, India. She founded Vasundhara, a non-profit organization based in Bhubaneswar and provided leadership to Vasundhara in its formative years from 1991 to 2001.

GTI Contributions
Roundtable contribution on Vivir Bien - Neera Singh
Contribution to Roundtable on Vivir Bien

February 2018

We have to radically alter the world that we encounter on a day-to-day basis to give alternative values and ways of being a chance to flourish.

Commentary on The Struggle for Meaningful Work - Neera Singh
Commentary on The Struggle for Meaningful Work

February 2017

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Commentary on Against Ecocide: Legal Protection for Earth

August 2016

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Commentary on Common Wealth Trusts: Structures of Transition

August 2015