Mimi Stokes

Mimi Stokes

Mimi Stokes is an award-winning playwright who focuses on the intersection of sustainability and drama. She is a certified practitioner of playback theater, an improvisational, story-based community building theatre method in which specially trained actors “play back” the real life experiences of members of a community, dignifying individual emotional truths. In addition to her work in theater, she has a background in gifted education and ecological curriculum theory, as well as training in foresight and alternative futures. She is developing The Dran Model, a drama-based theory and practice of cultural evolution and sustainable social change.

GTI Contributions
Mimi Stokes
Contribution to Roundtable on 'The Problem of Action'

December 2017

We have a vast trove of cultural wisdom about human thriving from past generations that can inspire and unify us as we seek to build a more harmonious world.

Mimi Stokes Katzenbach
Commentary on Meaning, Religion, and a Great Transition

December 2014

The Dramaturgy of Transformation
GTI Forum
The Dramaturgy of Transformation

June 2019

A contribution to the GTI Forum The Climate Movement: What's Next?