Michael Karlberg

Michael Karlberg

Michael Karlberg is Professor of Communication Studies at Western Washington University. His research and activism focus on the need to move beyond the prevailing culture of conflict and competition in order to establish a more just and sustainable social order based on recognition of the organic oneness of humanity. His publications include Beyond the Culture of Contest: From Adversarialism to Mutualism in an Age of Interdependence; Reframing Discourses for Peace and Justice; Discourse, Identity, and Global Citizenship; Discourse Theory and Peace; The Paradox of Protest in a Culture of Contest; and Constructive Resilience: The Bahá'í Response to Oppression in Iran. He holds a PhD in communication from Simon Fraser University.

GTI Contributions
An “Us” Without a “Them”
GTI Forum

Contribution to GTI Forum Can Human Solidarity Globalize?

August 2021

The University of Movements
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Contribution to GTI Forum The Pedagogy of Transition

May 2021

Roundtable contribution on The Problem of Action - Michael Karlberg
Contribution to GTI Roundtable The Problem of Action

December 2017

A global citizens movement would need to emerge in an organic manner. GTI can play a key role in fostering dialogue around such a complex process.

Commentary on The Degrowth Alternative - Michael Karlberg
Contribution to GTI Roundtable "On Degrowth"

February 2015

Can religion be a progressive force for confronting world challenges? Michael Karlberg argues that it can if reconceptualized as an evolving system of knowledge and practice rooted in universal values.

Commentary by Christoph Bals, Kurt Grimm, Michelle Holliday, Stephen Purdey, Carolyn Raffensperger, Paul Raskin, Steven Rockefeller, Richard Rosen, Bruce Schuman, and Mimi Stokes Katzenbach, and a response from the author

Commentary on Global Citizenship - Michael Karlberg
Contribution to GTI Roundtable "Global Citizenship"

June 2014