Luis Cabrera

Luis Cabrera

Luis Cabrera is Associate Professor of Political Science in the Griffith Asia Institute and School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. His research has focused on trans-state normative issues, including human rights, citizenship and migration, and the development of democratically accountable regional and global political institutions. His books include The Practice of Global Citizenship, The Theory of Global Justice, and The Humble Cosmopolitan: Rights, Diversity, and Trans-state Democracy. Before turning to academia full time, Cabrera worked as a staff reporter for The Associated Press in Seattle. He holds a PhD from the University of Washington.

GTI Contributions
Reasserting Moral Cosmopolitanism
GTI Forum

Contribution to GTI Forum Toward a Great Ethics Transition

February 2020

Roundtable contribution on Human Rights - Luis Cabrera
Contribution to GTI Roundtable Human Rights

April 2018

Author's Response: Roundtable on Global Government
Author's Response to GTI Roundtable Global Government

October 2017

Luis Cabrera addresses points raised by the contributors to this roundtable discussion.

Ensuring economic and civil rights for all requires much deeper regional and global political integration—and ultimately a democratic world government.

Reflection on Journey to Earthland - Luis Cabrera
Contribution to GTI Roundtable Reflections on Journey to Earthland

November 2016