Jonathan Cohn

Jonathan Cohn

Jonathan Cohn is the Managing Editor of the Great Transition Initiative and the moderator of the corresponding Great Transition Network. Through volunteerism, research, and advocacy, Jonathan has demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice. Before coming to the Tellus Institute, he was a researcher at the New Economics Institute, Common Cause, and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, and worked in the development team at the Baltimore Center for Green Careers. He received a BA in English and history (Honors) from Georgetown University in 2010, and received a MA from Columbia University and a MSc from the London School of Economics through their dual degree program in international and world history in 2012.

GTI Contributions
Roundtable contribution on Human Rights - Jonathan Cohn
Contribution to GTI Roundtable Human Rights

April 2018

A right to a clean environment is an important next step in the expansion and evolution of rights.

A Tragic Scenario: Narrowly Cast
A Tragic Scenario: Narrowly Cast

August 2015

In The Collapse of Western Civilization, Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway depict a dystopian future resulting from climate inaction. But the constricted dramatis personae in their scenario stacks the deck against the social agents that could emerge to alter the narrative.