John Stutz

John Stutz

John Stutz is a Vice President and founding member of the Tellus Institute and a founding member of the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI). Over the past thirty-five years, his research areas have included utility regulation, energy policy, waste management, conservation, and human well-being. His recent research has centered on human well-being, particularly as it relates to values, affluence, and the environment. Before joining Tellus in 1976, he was on the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the State University of New York at Albany, and Fordham University, where he was Associate Professor of Mathematics and Co-director of the Program in Mathematics and Economics. He received a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton University in 1969.

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    Two Cheers for Piketty Review
    Two Cheers for Piketty

    September 2014

    In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty provides a sweeping explanation of inequality, but his proposed remedies offer reform, rather than the fundamental change essential to guiding the global economy toward a just and sustainable future.