Jerome Ravetz

Jerome Ravetz

Jerome Ravetz is a founder of the discipline of post-normal science and a leading advocate of citizen engagement in science. He is Associate Fellow at the James Martin Institute for Science, Innovation and Society at Oxford University. Formerly, he was a Reader in the History & Philosophy of Science at Leeds University and co-founder and Executive Secretary (1973–76) of the Council for Science and Society. He is the author of Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems (1971) and The No-Nonsense Guide to Science (2005); co-author (with S. O. Funtowicz) of The Merger of Knowledge with Power (1990) and Uncertainty and Quality in Science for Policy (1990); and a contributor to the new volume The Rightful Place of Science: Science on the Verge (2016).

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    Democratizing Science in an Age of Uncertainty Interview
    Democratizing Science in an Age of Uncertainty

    June 2016

    A founder of science and society studies recounts his intellectual journey and explains how the doctrine of predictive science has limited applicability to today’s vexing challenges. We need a “post-normal science” that acknowledges inherent risk, indeterminism, and the relevance of human values and interests.