Emily Huddart-Kennedy

Emily Huddart-Kennedy

Emily Huddart Kennedy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Washington State University. An environmental sociologist by training, she studies how people respond to environmental issues. This broad topic area includes studies of downshifting, sustainable consumption, local food politics, pro-environmental behaviour, environmental values, and carbon footprint research. In particular, she has looked at the structural and individual antecedents of sustainable lifestyles (including urban design, social networks, and environmental values) as well as the functioning of sustainable food citizens and the role of ecological citizens.

GTI Contributions
Commentary on Sustainability and Well-Being - Emily Huddart Kennedy
Contribution to GTI Roundtable "Sustainability and Well-Being"
An exchange on the essay Sustainability and Well-Being: A Happy Synergy

April 2017

Commentary on The Decline and Fall of Consumer Society - Emily Huddart-Kennedy
Contribution to GTI Roundtable "Consumer Society"
An exchange on the viewpoint The Decline and Fall of Consumer Society?

May 2014