Debbie Kasper

Debbie Kasper

Debbie Kasper is a sociologist and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Hiram College, Ohio, where she directs the Sustainability, Environment, and Engaged Design Scholars Program and teaches courses on environmental sociology and environmental activism, among other topics. Her recent work involves the development of an integrated sociological framework for socio-environmental studies. Currently, she is exploring the potential applications of this framework for teaching, research, and action. She holds a PhD in sociology from The Pennsylvania State University.

GTI Contributions
Roundtable contribution on The Problem of Action - Debbie Kasper
Contribution to Roundtable on 'The Problem of Action'

December 2017

Humanity’s cooperative nature and astonishing capacity for altruism can be the basis for a new cultural narrative. Educational initiatives can help make that happen.

Commentary on A Higher Calling for Higher Education - Debbie Kasper
Commentary on A Higher Calling for Higher Education

June 2016