Bruce Schuman

Bruce Schuman

Bruce Schuman is an Internet systems developer and database programmer with a background in cognitive science and epistemology. His interests include interfaith and intercultural understanding and the relationship of science and religion. In the context of global transition, he wants to explore the development of integral and cross-sector networks that can interconnect traditionally independent elements of human thinking. Bruce believes that the process of globalization is driving the emergence of universal ideas, perhaps including an emerging new “integral paradigm” that defines the complete spectrum of human understanding within a single framework.

GTI Contributions
Roundtable contribution on The Problem of Action - Bruce Schuman
Contribution to Roundtable on 'The Problem of Action'

December 2017

Using modern communications technology and guided by a collaborative spirit, we can create a cooperative global network that includes all elements of human experience.

Commentary on Meaning, Religion, and a Great Transition - Bruce Schuman
Commentary on Meaning, Religion, and a Great Transition

December 2014