Brent Ranalli

Brent Ranalli

Brent Ranalli is a public policy researcher at The Cadmus Group, Inc., an employee-owned firm, and a member of the IBM Network Science Research Center. His current research includes universal basic income schemes, such as commons-based dividends and social credit, and the application of virtue ethics to issues of sustainable consumption. He co-edits Environment: An Interdisciplinary Anthology for Yale University Press, serves on the editorial advisory board of the Thoreau Society Bulletin, and contributes commentary on current and historical events at He has a BA in history from Harvard University and an MSc in environmental science and policy from Central European University.

GTI Contributions
Fueling Value Change

February 2016

In Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels, Ian Morris argues that changes in energy capture have driven changes in human values. However, understanding this relationship as co-evolutionary, rather than merely linear, is key as we shape values and energy systems for a sustainable twenty-first century.

Commentary on Common Wealth Trusts - Brent Ranalli
Contribution to GTI Roundtable "Common Wealth Trusts"

August 2015