Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp is an activist focused on generating a discussion within the climate justice movement about the need for degrowth and deep, authentic democracy. He is writing a book about how solving our ecological problems necessitates a fundamentally different society. In 2012, he co-founded the fossil fuel divestment campaign at UMass Amherst, where he studied neuroscience and Spanish.

GTI Contributions
Roundtable contribution on Human Rights - Aaron Karp
Contribution to GTI Roundtable Human Rights

April 2018

The expansion of human rights in the face of relentless attacks from established hierarchies speaks to the power of ordinary people and an innate human desire for dignity and freedom.

Roundtable contribution on Vivir Bien - Aaron Karp
Contribution to GTI Roundtable Vivir Bien

February 2018

We should struggle over the meaning of “development,” not cede its definition to elites. Ultimately, social transformation will require a mass movement for a development that is rooted in the ethos of democracy.