2019 / 1
Planetizing the Labor Movement
April 2019
A Roundtable of prominent labor scholars and activists explores the way forward for global labor solidarity.
Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg looks back on the Vietnam era, and discusses why the warfare state remains an existential peril.
How can we take control of our common future? A world party can provide the overarching political agency we need.
Party Time?
February 2019
An exchange on the essay "A World Political Party: The Time Has Come" by Heikki Patomäki, featuring Vicki Assevero, Michel Bauwens, Andreas Bummel, Kavita Byrd, Joseph Camilleri, David Christian, Richard Falk, Ashish Kothari, Valentine M. Moghadam, and William I. Robinson, with a response from the author.
Our interdependent world needs a capacious ethos. Moral philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah discusses the importance of cultivating a “rooted cosmopolitanism.”