Who We Are

Core Team

Director: Paul Raskin
Managing Editor: Jonathan Cohn
Webmaster: András Rátonyi
Assistant: Kathy Nguyen

Editorial Committee

Jonathan Cohn
Paul Raskin
John Stutz
Allen White

The core team is supported by copy editors, communications and web consultants, graphic designers, and other office support.


The Tellus Institute is responsible for financing GTI, governing its intellectual property, and providing staff and office support.

GT Network

The GT Network engages a global, interdisciplinary group of more than a thousand scholars and activists who share a common goal of elaborating visions and pathways for a Great Transition. The members-only GTN space hosts an ongoing dialogue on a wide array of critical issues, providing space for information exchange and nurturing a globally dispersed community. When new GTI publications are released, they become topics for GTN discussion, with selected comments edited and posted as Commentary on the public site.

We welcome new members, with the aims of broadening our diversity, experience, and expertise and reaching new audiences. To learn more about joining GTN, click here.

Contact Us

Great Transition Initiative
Tellus Institute
2 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138-3631, USA

Tel: +1 (617) 266 5400
Email: contact@greattransition.org