Who We Are

Core Team

Director: Paul Raskin
Managing Editor: Jonathan Cohn
Interviews: Allen White
Administration: Kathy Nguyen

The core team is supported by copy editors, communications and web consultants, graphic designers, and other office support.

Editorial Committee

Jonathan Cohn
Paul Raskin
John Stutz
Allen White


The Tellus Institute is responsible for financing GTI, governing its intellectual property, and providing staff and office support.

GT Network

The Great Transition Network (GTN) engages a diverse global group of over a thousand scholars and activists to elaborate visions and pathways for a Great Transition. The members-only “GT Network Space” provides a platform for information exchange and nurturing a globally dispersed community. GTN engages in internal discussions on critical GT issues. Following the discussion, selected comments are edited, organized into a Forum, published on the GTI site, and disseminated.

We enroll new members with the aims of broadening our diversity, experience, and expertise and reaching new audiences. To apply, email contact@greattransition.org with your name, city/country, affiliation, and a brief bio.

Contact Us

Great Transition Initiative
Tellus Institute
PO Box 68
Quincy, MA 02171-0002, USA

Email: contact@greattransition.org