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Inequality Is Worse Than You Think

A Scan of Critical World Developments

The MacroScope

A Scan of Critical World Developments

Inequality Is Worse Than You Think

Inequality Is Worse Than You Think
The 99% vs. the 1% has been the rallying cry of social justice activists, but the reality of inequality is even starker. The world’s eight richest billionaires, representing just over one billionth of the globe, command as much wealth as the poorest half of the population. Although some members of this opulent octet are major philanthropists, charity and noblesse oblige are no substitute for justice. These capitalist colossi have gained their riches by extracting wealth from undercompensated workers and unprotected nature, not to speak of corporate tax loopholes, political influence, and a good deal of plain luck. And, the continuation of lax inheritance tax frameworks will make this wealth is self-perpetuating. These trends are moving us ever closer to the global apartheid of a Fortress World future. But such a grim fate need not be inevitable. The tools to build an economy that works for all—from progressive taxation to fair trade to workplace democracy—are available, if the other 7 billion act for Earthland.

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