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2017 Publications

  • Wiki Socialism?

    Wiki Socialism?

    Rajesh Makwana

    February 2017

    In Postcaplitalism, Paul Mason argues that new information technology will end capitalism as we know it and pave the way to a better future. But the technology Mason celebrates won’t do this without mass mobilization on a global scale.

  • The Caring Economy: Well-Being and the Invisible Heart

    The Caring Economy: Well-Being and the Invisible Heart

    Nancy Folbre

    February 2017

    Although fundamental to human well-being, the provision of care has been unrecognized and unremunerated by society. Increasing acknowledgement and respect for caring work will signal progress toward a Great Transition.

  • The Struggle for Meaningful Work

    The Struggle for Meaningful Work

    Kent Klitgaard

    February 2017

    Capitalism has degraded both the environment and the conditions of human labor. To achieve meaningful work for all on our finite planet, we should heed the lessons of craft and care work and acknowledge their importance to sustenance and meaning.

    With commentary by Adam Blakester, Guy Dauncey, Giorgos Kallis, Nava Kavelin, Marjorie Kelly, Lisi Krall, Simon Mair, and Neera Singh, and a response from the author.